I like to build things from time to time. Here are some of the things I've built.

Immown - 2014

For my senior project at university I created a real estate web application that displayed aggregated listings from multiple sources with a simple map based interface. Immown runs with a Node.js web crawler and web server running the Hapi.js framework.

Base Raiders - 2014

Back in 2014 I became interested in Garry's Mod gaming again so I created a mini game called Base Raiders. The premise was mostly around territory control and creating gangs in the game to control resource generation spots on the map. It was pretty successful but people started to DDoS it so I stopped hosting it after a while.

Grengine - 2013

In college I wanted to create my own game engine for FortWars so I started playing around with LWJGL and built a full networked physics simulator. I stopped working on it after a while because I didn't want to deal with the math of 3d rotations and their effect on collision resolution, but it was a great learning experience nonetheless.

Beepdrive - 2012

When I attended university in Boone, NC, the community had adopted this concept of beeping, which was essentially Uber for a small mountain town. Beepers would drive students to the parties on the weekend and take them home at night. My friend Nathan Hernandez and I created a mobile app called Beepdrive. The premise was simple, a list of drivers that users could call up for rides to and from the parties.

Darkland Servers - 2007

I became a huge fan of Garry's Mod back in high school and decided I wanted to build a unique mini game within the ecosystem. I ended up creating a capture the flag/base building hybrid called FortWars. The success of FortWars drove me to create a community I named Darkland Servers. I ran it for about 3 years before stopping to focus on

The bulk of the code was written in Lua and connected to MySQL for persistent storage. I ran everything on rented hardware for a while before building my own 1U box to colocate.